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Improved Personalization

about us

Ever since 1985 when the world's first graphing calculator was produced, students across America have been using graphing calculators in the very same fashion. Most models have similar aesthetics, and students can do next to nothing to personalize or improve the look and feel of their device.

Designed & Perfected

Guerrilla has designed and perfected an extensive array of personalization items for the Texas Instruments line of graphing calculators. With the many and varied options presented in this book, students are sure to find something to fit their particular device and personal sense of style.

Enhanced Usability

Additionally, some of our accessory designs allow for enhanced usability of popular calculators – an easier grip and better ergonomics chief among many improvements. Students can choose from fashionably designed accessories made of high-grade silicon, polycarbonate plastic and even high-grain synthetic leathers.